• August 7, 2021

How to find the best travel dates for the latest travel plans

How to schedule your next vacation without having to worry about dates.The last thing you want is to miss a trip, but when you have to do that for every single trip you have planned, you don’t want to be sitting there and not knowing how to get to your destination.So here are my top…

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Which countries will be on the opening day of the 2017-18 season?

With the season in full swing, it’s time to rank the biggest names in world football as the schedule gets underway.Here are the 16 nations which will be starting their 2017-19 season on Saturday, with our top five and 10-10 picks.With four games scheduled to be played in England and Wales in the opening weekend…

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Why is the Greek Vessel Sinking?

The Greek vessel Sink, carrying 6,000 tonnes of copper, sank on Friday while carrying an unidentified cargo in a shallow area off the island of Crete.It is the first time a vessel carrying copper has sunk in more than two decades.The vessel sank about 300 metres (1,100 feet) from the shoreline of the island, which…

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How to find out whether a vessel is on a vessel schedule

In the last week, we have seen a lot of announcements that the UK will be launching a new vessel for the Royal Navy.As we all know, Royal Navy vessels are typically the smallest vessels that can carry a single submarine and their vessels are built to last.This vessel is designed to be a new…

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