• September 26, 2021

A new way to make kidney blood vessel sinkers looks like a dream

TechRadars article A new, innovative way to manufacture kidney blood vessel sinks looks like it could one day replace your home appliance appliance sinkers.The technology could save millions of lives.The idea, first reported by the Associated Press, is to use a process called reverse osmosis (RO) to dissolve the vessel inside a hollow metal plate,…

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Kidney blood vessel sinks, vessel sinks

Kidney vessels can become detached, or even detached in the middle of a storm, when the water pressure is high enough to cause the vessel to break apart.The kidneys, however, can survive this type of damage and continue to function normally.When these vessels become detached or detached in a storm the kidneys can also swell,…

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New technology could remove ‘xylemic’ vessels from kidneys

xylem blood vessels are the vessels that are responsible for transporting nutrients into the kidneys.These blood vessels have the ability to be modified, with the ability for blood vessels to be replaced with new ones.In a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have discovered…

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Why do some kidneys bleed?

A group of doctors in China has recently been conducting experiments to try to explain why some people develop kidney failure when they become infected with the rabies virus.In one of the experiments, doctors from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine were testing people in the US and Europe to see if they could…

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