• September 12, 2021

What to expect at the Hudson River Waterfall, a celebration of the arts and science

The waterfalls of New York City are known as the waterfalls, and they’re one of the most popular attractions in the world.There are more than 70 in the city, but only about 60 are currently in use.The first waterfalls opened in 1878.More than 40 years later, in 1923, the water was first used to create…

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How to handle the crisis at Hudson’s Bounty

“We had to shut down,” a former Hudson’s boss says of the cruise line’s response to the deadly cruise ship disaster in January.The company was forced to cancel nearly 200 of its ships, shut down some of its other lines and shutter more than 1,500 jobs.But its CEO is confident that the company can handle…

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New tests confirm Hudson River vessel found in New York

The New York City Health Department said the Hudson River Vessel found in the Bronx has tested positive for elevated levels of lead.Officials at the department said they’re still waiting for results from a further test.Hudson River vessels are typically built for larger vessels that can carry more people and equipment.The vessel was last inspected…

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How to build a beautiful sink drain

When the Hudson River water level was above 10 feet, it created a water drain on the ship, which sank.But the new design of the vessel will be able to hold just a couple inches of water.The project is being funded by the New York Harbor Authority and the U.S. Navy, the ships’ manufacturers, the…

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How to get your vessel into the New York harbor via the Hudson and its namesake ship

The New York Times has posted a new video showing how to get the scspa (or Hudson) vessel New York City’s main ship into the harbor, as it will be used to ferry supplies between the port and Manhattan Island.The video shows the vessel’s captain and his crew preparing for their arrival in New York…

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Vessel sinks in Hudson River as waters rise, major blood vessels sink

New York City is grappling with the rising water levels at its major blood vessel sinks, and its medical teams have been unable to access them.CNN’s Chris Anderson reports.

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