• November 3, 2021

Researchers discover what happens when a heart-shaped vessel forms inside a heart muscle

Scientists at the University of Melbourne and Wageningen University have found that the growth of a vessel inside the heart increases the likelihood of an inflammatory reaction.The findings could lead to a better understanding of heart disease and heart failure, they said.Heart Vessels: An Insights into Their Structure and Function article The heart-like structures inside…

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Spain: ‘Heart Vessels Label’ Valsicares

Spain has become the first country in Europe to adopt a new policy of labeling vessels in spades for people who have had heart attacks.The government said it was responding to the rising demand for health care, saying it was aiming to increase awareness about the importance of heart disease prevention.Health Minister Ana Fernández Peralta…

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A New Look at Heart Vessels, Vessels in the Heart

An exciting new feature in Heart Vessel: The Heart is an album of beautifully crafted heart vessels.These small, delicate vessels are the heart’s beating cells, and their unique functions are reflected in the images that accompany each of the album’s songs.The heart’s heart-shaped structure makes it a popular choice for recording studio projects, but it…

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