• October 10, 2021

Which Vessels Are Broken?

The world of broken vessels is a complicated one, and one that needs to be understood in order to be taken seriously.The main problem is that people are just not that familiar with the topic.Broken vessels, as they are sometimes called, are vessels that have been in water for a long time and are no…

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‘Vestige’ vessels sink in RTE

A luxury vessel has sunk in the North West of Ireland.The RTE reports that a large vessel called a “vestige” has sunk near the town of Clonskeagh, in Co. Tipperary.It is not yet clear how much damage it caused but the ship is thought to have been a luxury cruise vessel.The RNLI said that the…

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A ship’s life in the hands of an astrologer

In the 21st century, astrologers can make life or death decisions for their clients.It can be difficult to keep track of what’s in store for clients, who are often the people you’ve been waiting to see.But what if there was an astrology app that could give you the exact predictions that your clients are most…

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When you need to be at your best

When you’re at your peak, you need the support of others.And for most people, that support comes from their families and friends.But for some people, the best way to stay connected and focused is to wear your heart on your sleeve.That’s where a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology finds that…

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