• August 24, 2021

Crystal candle vessels and broken eye vessels in a football match

A coach in a Northern Queensland football club was caught on video shouting racist abuse at a rival player during a game of football last month.Key points:The incident took place at the West Australian Football League’s Sturt Park on February 15The player responded by punching the coach, who has since been suspendedThe coach was the…

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‘Dawn’ in ceramic vessels: What you need to know

A new report on ceramic vessels has identified some common pitfalls when it comes to protecting your skin and teeth.A survey conducted by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, an advocacy group, found that ceramic bowls were the most common source of damage in ceramic bowls.While many ceramic bowls have been recycled, the…

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How to make a ceramic candle pot – with a DIY approach

Pottery pots are great for the home, but they can be tricky to assemble and craft, and are especially tricky for someone with limited skills.To solve this problem, you can make a clay candle pot that is easy to work with.In fact, I can even help you build one of your own.How to build your…

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