• November 2, 2021

Blue vessel sink due to flooding in WA

An old blue vessel has sunk in Western Australia, the first vessel to be sunk since the flooding that hit WA last week.The vessel was located by the local Government on Monday afternoon, and was brought to shore to be assessed.The Government said the vessel had not suffered damage, but it was deemed not suitable…

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The gold and platinum vessel sinks at Pearl Harbor

GOLD VESSELS sink at Pearl and the Philippines, and the Philippine government has declared a disaster zone.The Philippines is seeking to recover the gold and other valuable metals from the ship, which sank at Pearl on Dec. 7, 1941, in what became known as the Great East Asia Disaster.The vessel was part of the USS…

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Heart vessel anatomy revealed in stunning new study

From the heart to the liver to the heart valves, vessels can function like a computer and control the flow of blood through the body.But in a new study, scientists have shown that the organs of the body can also function like computer systems.It is this insight that allowed the team to understand how heart…

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