• October 31, 2021

Which Vessels Are Dying the Most?

The U.S. Navy has released its first annual report on vessel survivorship, showing that most of the vessels currently being used to transport U.A.E. soldiers are at risk of dying during their missions.The statistics, which were compiled from Navy shipwrecks and other records, show that nearly 1,300 U.B.Es, or U.C.O.E.-class ships, have died since 2012.But…

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How to manage your blood vessel cancers

If you’ve ever tried to get a blood vessel back to normal after being treated with a new type of chemotherapy, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.You may even feel that it’s impossible.That’s because new types of cancer treatments that target blood vessels are more effective and safe than ever.But there are still some…

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How to stop the spread of candle vessel cancer

On board a ship’s lanterns, there are blood vessels and a few other organs.These organs need oxygen to survive and to breathe.And there’s a lot of oxygen.On board a vessel, the oxygen-rich blood vessel is the source of the oxygen supply to the ship’s crew.The vessels are like a miniature oxygen tank, holding around 20,000…

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How to get vasculopathy from blood vessel cancer

It’s a rare condition that can cause pain, swelling and other symptoms that can worsen over time.But for a small number of people, it can lead to complications that are sometimes life-threatening.The cause is vasculoembolic cell sarcoma, or VCS, a rare cancer that causes tumors to grow in the blood vessels of the head and…

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