• October 31, 2021

Which Vessels Are Dying the Most?

The U.S. Navy has released its first annual report on vessel survivorship, showing that most of the vessels currently being used to transport U.A.E. soldiers are at risk of dying during their missions.The statistics, which were compiled from Navy shipwrecks and other records, show that nearly 1,300 U.B.Es, or U.C.O.E.-class ships, have died since 2012.But…

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How to build a ww2 boat

By The Author Published November 05, 2017 17:23:00A lot of the ww1 ships were pretty bad.I remember being on the forum talking to someone who was trying to get his ww4 boat built.It was a great topic to talk about, and I would tell him about how much I hated the w2 ships, but I…

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How to cure wood vessel vasculus by the use of a wooden vessel sink

How to Cure Wood Vessel Vasculitis by the Use of a Wooden Vessel Sink – 1 article By now, you have probably heard of wood vessel sores and vasculiasis, or “wood vessel disease” as it’s more commonly known. Vasculitis is a condition that affects vessels in the human body and can be extremely painful and life-threatening. However,…

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