• November 2, 2021

Why the Kohler vessel sank: An investigation

A vessel with a small crew sank off the coast of Indonesia, killing all on board, officials said Tuesday.

The accident was discovered on Monday by the Navy’s search and rescue unit.

Officials have identified the victim as 64-year-old Kohelere Oluwatu.

Kohler has reported that Oluwatu was a crew member on a vessel that was on the way to the Indonesian archipelago.

The search and rescues unit said the crew were conducting a search and recovery mission in a nearby area, but it is unclear what happened during the search.

“The vessel was on its way to a search-and-rescue operation in the area, and after some time, the crew noticed that the boat was sinking,” said Rear Admiral I.P. Chiang, deputy commander of the search and relief task force.

In a statement, the Navy said Oluwenu’s family and survivors were “appalled by the accident.”

“As the crew and others were on board the vessel, Oluwedu and his crew members did not notice that the vessel was sinking, and as a result, the vessel became stuck in the sea,” the statement said.

Chiang added that investigators will determine if the crew was negligent in their handling of the vessel.

The search and rescuing unit, which is made up of sailors, was responding to reports of a vessel in distress.

Oluwatu was aboard the vessel that had been spotted in the vicinity of a reef.

The Navy has said that it is investigating whether the vessel might have been sunk by a nearby fishing boat.

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