• October 19, 2021

How to create a vessel sink counter top with a DIY countertop template

The countertop has been a staple in kitchens and bathrooms for a long time, but it’s often overlooked in favor of other, more versatile and aesthetically pleasing designs.

This article will show you how to make your own countertop from scratch, using a variety of different materials and making sure you use as few countertops as possible.


Cut a rectangular piece of plywood with the desired length and width.2.

Lay out the pieces on the countertop.3.

Secure the pieces to the wall using 2×6 nails, screws, and nails.4.

Use the countertops top as a guide.5.

Take a picture of your design.6.

Cut out the holes for the countersink and the top and attach it to the counter.7.

The countertops sink countertops with the help of a drill press.8.

Take the two halves and glue them together to form a solid base.9.

Using a glue gun, press the base onto the counter top.10.

Apply glue to the base of the sink counter.11.

Repeat the process to the top of the counter, attaching the sink countersink with two screws.12.

Repeat this process for the counter tops countertops.13.

Repeat until the entire countertop is finished.14.

Cut the tops out of the plywood and glue the sides together.15.

Glue the top pieces together.16.

Apply the top to the sink, allowing it to drain completely.17.

Install the sink and sink counter tops.18.

Add a mirror for a cool effect.19.

Clean up the counter and decorate it with some cool patterns.20.

You’re done!

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