• October 14, 2021

Port of Melbourne to remove ‘unacceptable’ graffiti on vessel

Port of Adelaide will remove “unacceptable” graffiti on a vessel that was damaged during a collision with another vessel in July, the company said on Thursday.

Key points:The Port of Port Kembla said the graffiti was not part of the normal maintenance routine and it was an “unnecessary distraction” to the vesselOwner said the vessel was “well-maintained” and was inspected by an expert on board for a safety breachThe vessel was being towed from Port Kemble, where it was damaged by a collision between a vessel and an offshore oil rig, when it was struck by a tug in July.

It was towed to the Port of Tasmania where it would undergo a “significant” maintenance check.

“The vessel is well-mained and has been inspected by a safety specialist and a certified professional on board,” the Port said in a statement on Thursday afternoon.

“A professional from Port of Kemblas expert has also been onboard the vessel to ensure the vessel is in safe hands, and is in good condition.”

After the inspection, the vessel has been removed from the port and transported to the port of Tasmania for an additional safety check.

“The vessel has since been towed to Port Kembles, where the owner said the owners would undertake a “very thorough” inspection.”

Following a thorough inspection, we have identified the graffiti to remove,” the company added.”

It is an unnecessary distraction to the crew, and it is not part the normal daily routine of the Port.

“The company said it was not known if any damage to the boat would result from the graffiti.”

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and are confident that we will be able to work with the owners to resolve this as quickly as possible,” it said.”

Once the inspection has been completed, we will have a detailed report from the Port.

“Port Kembles maintenance staff will be present at the Port to ensure all aspects of the vessel are in good order.”

To ensure that the vessel’s maintenance staff and crew are aware of all work being done on the vessel and to ensure that there is no disruption to the operations of the port, the Port will ensure that no damage to or damage to property to any of the vessels property will occur.”‘

Unacceptable’ in-port graffiti: OwnerOwner of the ship, the Tasmanian National Oil Company, said it had been inspected on board the vessel by an experienced shipboard inspector.”

On board the Port Kemblers vessel we have had the Port’s expert on the lookout for a potential safety breach.

“After the initial inspection the vessel had been taken to Port Adelaide where it will undergo a further inspection by an inspector,” the statement read.

“This is part of a thorough safety inspection, and will involve an experienced, certified professional.”

“The owner is confident that all aspects will be in good shape and that no damages to the property will happen.”


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