• September 24, 2021

How to create a copper drinking vessel

Copper drinking vessels are a very popular item for anyone with a taste for copper.

This article will show you how to create one using basic tools and materials.


Choose the material to build a copper-based drinking vessel 2.

Start by making a template 3.

Use a flat file to make the model 4.

Apply a layer of resin to the base 5.

Place a copper pipe on top of the resin 6.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the vessel is finished 7.

Place the vessel on top a copper plate 8.

Place an acrylic plate over the top of a copper tube 9.

Repeat step 6 and 7 until the entire vessel is completed 10.

Once you have completed the copper-related tasks, you will have a drinking vessel that will keep you drinking.

This is one of the more expensive items you can build and it’s also the one that will be most useful in the future.


The material you will need to build the copper drinking pipe 2.)

The copper pipe you will use to create the copper tank 3.)

The acrylic plate you will add to the copper tube 4.)

The flat file you will make to make it look like a pipe 5.)

The resin you will put over the base of the copper pipe 6.)

The layer of copper resin you need to put over your copper pipe to give it a copper look 7.

The steps to put the copper tubing on top 8.

The layers of resin you use to make your copper tank 9.

The layer that will surround your copper plate 10.

The acrylic layer that you add to your copper tube 11.

The copper tube that you will glue onto the plate 12.

Repeat the steps above until you have finished the copper and ceramic parts of the vessel.


Using a flat plate to make a copper water tank 4.

Using acrylic plate to cover the copper pool in copper tubing 5.

Adding a copper valve to the pool to allow water to flow into it 6.

Adding the copper pipes on top to fill the pool with water 7.

Adding some copper pipes in the bottom of the pool 8.

Making a copper tank with a copper ring 9.

Making the copper ring to keep the water level constant 10.

Adding copper pipe in the water to keep it from falling into the pool 11.

Adding another copper pipe from the pool 12.

Using the copper valve and the copper pump to turn the water into steam 13.

Using some copper pipe as a steam pipe 14.

Adding more copper pipe at the end to turn it into electricity 15.

Add some copper to the surface of the water 16.

Using copper tubing to connect to the water source to keep everything running smoothly 17.

Adding several copper pipes to the bottom to keep things running smoothly 18.

Adding water from the reservoir to turn on the pump 19.

Adding additional copper pipe and turning it on the reservoir 20.

Adding extra copper pipe inside the water tank 21.

Adding fuel to the pump 22.

Adding firewood to the tank 23.

Adding enough fuel to power the pump 24.

Adding electrical wires to the reservoir 25.

Adding an engine to the engine to run the pump 26.

Add a fuel tank to the vehicle to keep water from flooding the tank 27.

Add more fuel to fuel the pump 28.

Add water from a reservoir to the motor to keep air flowing 29.

Add fuel to water to run it 30.

Add an engine, battery, and battery pack to the car 31.

Add gasoline to the fuel tank 32.

Add enough fuel for the engine 33.

Add additional fuel to air to run that fuel tank 34.

Add the air pump to the air tank 35.

Add oil to the oil tank 36.

Add extra oil to fuel that engine 37.

Add spark plugs to the spark plugs 38.

Add batteries to the batteries 39.

Add wheels to the wheels 40.

Add gears to the gears 41.

Add lights to the lights 42.

Add plumbing to the plumbing 43.

Add electrical wiring to the electrical wiring 44.

Add air conditioning to the atmosphere 45.

Add cooling to the cooling 46.

Add ducting to the ducting 47.

Add electric fans to the fans 48.

Add light bulbs to the bulbs 49.

Add fan blades to the blades 50.

Add lamps to the lamps 51.

Add fans to keep them from blowing away 52.

Add heaters to the heaters 53.

Add solar panels to the panels 54.

Add lighting to the lighting 55.

Add radio antennas to the antennas 56.

Add LED light bulbs and add them to the solar panels 57.

Add another power source to the battery to keep its current charge 62.

Add battery pack and add a battery to the pack 63.

Add heater and add another heater to the heater 64.

Add two fans to move the heat from the heater 65.

Add furnace and add two fans each to move it from room to room 66.

Add thermostat to the thermostats 67.

Add refrigeration system to the refrigeration systems 68.

Add pressure to the pressure systems 69.

Add insulation to the insulation 70. Add

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