• September 19, 2021

When does the first signs of heart disease start?

After a heart attack or stroke, it can be hard to remember when the condition began.

But a new study shows that a person’s ability to remember that a condition has started is related to the degree of the damage.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that a participant’s ability, or lack thereof, to remember a person had a strong correlation with the extent of damage to the brain.

The participants with the strongest memory loss were those with less brain injury.

The damage occurred in areas that are thought to be critical for processing information.

The findings were published online Feb. 16 in the journal Cell.

The researchers focused on four brain regions that are important for brain function, and were interested in their ability to respond to a person who had a history of heart problems.

The researchers measured the level of damage in four areas of the brain and found that these areas responded in a similar way to the way the brain responds to damage to a muscle.

“If we look at the brain, we can see that it is highly susceptible to injury to the blood vessels,” said senior author Tania Kuczmarski, an associate professor in the UNC School of Medicine.

“It is also susceptible to damage of other areas of your body.”

The study looked at the brains of 32 healthy people who had no history of a heart disease and had undergone a stroke, but were able to remember someone who had had a heart problem.

Participants were asked to write down a person, including the name and age, who had died and had suffered a heart failure.

They then asked them to recall that person’s name and how they felt about it.

The people who wrote about the person who died were more likely to have suffered a stroke or heart attack.

Kuczmski said that if there is a memory deficit in people who have a history or a physical condition of heart failure, then this memory may be affected.

In people who do not have a heart condition, there may be no memory at all.

The brain has to process information, she said.

If the memory is strong, the brain may respond to it with the same kind of response that it uses to process other information.

In that case, the memory may not be affected, but it may be less effective in processing other information, Kuczeski said.

Kaczynski said that while the study is not the first to look at memory for heart attacks, it is the first that has found that memory for a memory has a stronger association with the severity of the injury than damage to other parts of the body.

“This is the most consistent result we have seen in our study,” she said, adding that previous studies have also shown that memory and injury correlate.

“People who have more damage to their brain may have trouble remembering their name,” she added.

Koczmarzski said that the study provides further support for the idea that memory loss is related in some way to heart attacks.

“We found that the stronger the memory loss was, the more memory loss we saw,” she explained.

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