• September 9, 2021

S&P 500 Index drops to 5,000

The S&am Index for the U.S. stock market slipped below 5,500 for the first time since December 2014. 

On Friday, the S&amps was down 0.8 percent, while the Nasdaq composite index slipped 1.5 percent to 3,878.10.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average also dropped 0.3 percent, with the S.P. 500 down 1.2 percent and the Nasd up 0.2.

The Dow Jones industrial average is the best gauge of corporate America and the S & S&P 500 index is the largest and most volatile of the indexes. 

The index is a measure of the broad economic performance of the United States over a 12-month period.

It tracks the performance of a broad array of companies including technology companies, energy companies, industrials, financial services, utilities, retail, and consumer staples. 

There were more than 13,000 stocks listed in the index, down about 0.1 percent from a year ago. 

It was the worst decline since January 2017, when the index lost 2.7 percent. 

This is a big drop for the S . 

The Dow has shed more than 30 percent from its high of 16,947.21 in June 2018. 

Its slide comes as investors grapple with the impact of the expiration of a $1.1 trillion tax cut for the rich, the repeal of the health care law, and a series of major regulatory and regulatory changes. 

Last week, the Dow lost 5.2 points. 

Here’s how the S;amp.

Index has changed since its peak on December 20, 2017: The S≈P index has been flat since the end of March, falling by 0.4 percent, after peaking at 17,049.75 on March 19.

On Thursday, the index hit a five-year high of 19,094.72, its highest level since August 2007.

The S. &amp.

S&p 500 has gained more than 2,000 points since its mid-February high of 17,542.15.

There were 6,957 stocks in the S, down from 6,819 a year earlier.

The index includes the S’s top 500 companies, including Microsoft Corp., Cisco Systems Inc., Apple Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Facebook Inc., Alphabet Inc., Intel Corp., Twitter Inc., and Tesla Motors Inc. As of Friday, it had more than 18,000 shares traded.

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