• September 4, 2021

How to spot the tortuous vessel that is the Vigintan

In the wake of the sinking of the MV Argo last month, a new breed of vessel has sprung up on the Australian seas.

This vessel is the Ventus, a 27-metre long, two-storey freighter which is a perfect example of the “tug” design.

Its owner, a German-Australian, has created a vessel that has been nicknamed the “Vigintans” after the Vignetan, a French vessel which sank in 1780.

The Vigints, which are a term of art in maritime circles, are designed to have a tight and narrow hull, with a narrow stern, to reduce the chances of the vessel getting caught in the currents. 

The Vigins hull is also made of metal.

As a result, they have an average speed of 14 knots, a maximum of 25 knots, and a maximum range of 150 kilometres.

They also have a crew of four people.

The crew of the Ventuens are paid about $300 a day, according to the Daily Mail.

The vessel has been a controversial vessel to the Australian navy, with criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. 

“The Vigor is a very large vessel, with very heavy machinery, but it has a small crew, and is not meant for the kind of combat situations that Australia’s Navy needs,” says Captain David Smith, the commanding officer of the Vigor, a vessel he is currently in the middle of the South Pacific.

Smith told FourFourtwo that his crew was originally made up of six sailors from a local naval academy and two from a university in Melbourne, with two of the sailors coming from overseas. 

“[We were] brought in with a very short time frame, and we have been in port for over a month now, so I don’t think there’s a huge amount of experience in that area. 

I think the crew, even in our first year, are very experienced in the industry.

I think they understand the type of ships that are required, and I think their attitude has really improved over time.” 

Smith said he and his crew are very proud of the craft. 

We do not want to be in any kind of trouble with the Australian Government, because we have a reputation of being the toughest sailors around, he told FourFiveSeconds.

“We’re very proud to be Australian Navy.

It’s very important to our crew and the crew we are working with.

We are very respectful to the Navy and the Government. 

And we have made a lot of improvements, so the whole ship is in a much better state than we were before.” 

However, the crew has also raised concerns about the ship’s safety. 

Smith says that he is in regular contact with the vessel’s captain and that the captain has promised to conduct a full inspection.

He said the captain also asked to be given more training. 

A recent report published by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSSA) found that the Vigs safety was not in question, however the safety of the crew was a concern. 

An examination of the ship revealed that it was not designed for any sort of underwater operation, but rather was designed to be towed around by two propellers and towed by a tug. 

According to the report, the ship has been designed to operate at speeds of between 25 knots and 70 knots, which is not what the ship is designed for. 

However the report did state that the crew were given the opportunity to learn some basic skills before they would be expected to operate in such conditions. 

In a statement to FourFourSeconds, the Viggintan said the VIGINTS crew was fully informed of the design of the sail, but did not have any experience in the sailing industry and had no previous experience operating in these conditions.

“It is a well-established and well-respected industry practice for Australian Navy vessels to have experienced and qualified seamen onboard to provide a professional, knowledgeable and safe experience for crew and crew-members,” the Vigiintan wrote. 

Captain Smith said that he had been working with the crew for more than a year, and that they had done a very good job, adding that he and the captain were very happy with the work that they were doing. 

He said that while they are happy with their work, they do not think that they are perfect, as they do have concerns about safety, especially when they are operating in water. 

After having the Venti for a few months, he said that the vessel is starting to come together. 

It is getting ready to take off from Adelaide, and will sail from Adelaide to the Gulf of Mexico in the next few days, Captain Smith said. 

Meanwhile, the Ventis is now making its way across the South Atlantic and the Caribbean, where it will arrive on Monday. 

Follow David on Twitter @davidvoggin

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