• August 24, 2021

Crystal candle vessels and broken eye vessels in a football match

A coach in a Northern Queensland football club was caught on video shouting racist abuse at a rival player during a game of football last month.

Key points:The incident took place at the West Australian Football League’s Sturt Park on February 15The player responded by punching the coach, who has since been suspendedThe coach was the victim of a racial attack on social mediaThe incident has been condemned by West Australian football authoritiesThe West Australian Premier Colin Barnett said the incident showed racism is a real problem and he would look into disciplinary measures.

The incident was captured on video by one of the players and posted online by a club representative.

It shows a coach verbally abusing a rival who had been sitting in the back of the pitch.

“Get out of the way you piece of crap,” the coach shouts at the player.

“He is a [expletive] f—ing white guy.

Get out of my way!”

The player responds by punching coach in the face.

“You can’t f— with me, you’re a f—in racist.

That’s not right.

Get a grip.””

I’m just a white guy from Sydney.

You know, I’m just looking for a game,” he responds.”

I don’t care what race you are, that’s your race.

It’s all your race.”

The player continued to push him away.

“That’s what I’ve got to get up for, that guy’s a racist.”

The video ends with the player being tackled.

“Look, I’ve been through enough,” the player says.

“If you don’t like what I’m saying, then you have to get out of this game.

This is my club, I come out and play every Sunday.”

The incident also sparked outrage among supporters of the football club.

“What do you mean I’m a racist?” the player asks a club supporter.

“We’re a community club, it’s all about community.

We’re all Australian.

We are all one team.

It doesn’t matter what colour you are.”

The West Australia Premier said he would investigate the incident and the club’s disciplinary procedures, but would not be drawn on any further action.

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