• August 17, 2021

How to build a Blood Vessel model for the Sacred Vessel Warframe

The Sacred Vessel is a rare and powerful weapon that has been found in many zones of the Void, as well as in the Blood Vessels themselves.

This unique weapon is used to destroy enemies in combat.

As a Warframe, you can build your own Blood Vessel and you can even use the unique Void Vessels unique passive abilities to further customize your weapon and armor.

The Sacred Weapon model is the base template for all Blood Vessel weapons.

To build your Blood Vessel, go to the Sacred Weapon Build menu and select your weapon.

Then, click on the Build button in the upper right hand corner.

The menu will open and display a list of available templates.

In the top right corner, click the Add button.

The Create Blueprint menu will display.

This opens a list with a list labeled Buildable Weapons and Weapons.

In this list, click Create.

A list will appear with the following templates: Blood Vessel: The Blood Vessel is the most basic weapon in the Warframe arsenal.

It can be used for a variety of attacks, but the best use is for the Void Vessel, which is used for draining enemy life energy.

The Void Vessel is best used as an attack when you have a large amount of health remaining.

Void Vessel: For Void Vessel attacks, you want to use the Void as a projectile.

For Void, you will want to be able to use a melee attack with the Void.

The primary method for Void Vessel use is to use an AoE Void to deal damage.

Void Vortices projectiles are powerful and can be very deadly.

It is also important to note that Void Vectors projectiles deal additional damage, which can be a good reason to focus on Void Vessel DPS.

This is particularly true when dealing with larger enemies such as bosses.

If you can get a lot of damage going on the Void Vorts projectiles, it is a good idea to spam your Void Vortex with the rest of your damage for extra damage.

Once you have built your weapon, you should select it in the Build menu.

Next, select the Void Weapon Build tab and the Buildable Weapon Builds template will open.

Select the Void weapon you want and click Build.

In a few seconds, the blueprint will display, allowing you to select the weapons component you wish to build and select the buildable weapon you wish.

The Buildable weapons component will then appear.

This component will contain the following components: Weapons: The Weapons component will be the primary component for most builds.

The Primary weapon will be your Void weapon.

The secondary weapon is the Void Vortex weapon.

Armor: The Armor component will cover the Void Armor, as the weapon is designed to deal more damage.

The Secondary Armor will be a Void Armor with a secondary weapon slot.

Weapon Mods: This component contains mods to add to your Void Weapon, as this is the primary purpose of the weapon.

For example, the Void Weapons primary weapon mod would add a Void Shield.

Weapon Skills: This part of the build component contains skills to augment your Void weapons abilities.

For more information on Void weapon skills, see this article.

The following components are added to your weapon in this build: Primary Weapon: This is the weapon that fires your Void projectiles.

It has the primary slot.

Secondary Weapon: The secondary slot has the secondary Weapon Mod.

The Weapon Mod will be selected at the Buildables crafting menu.

Void Weapon: It has a Void Vortex, which fires Void projectiles that deal additional critical damage.

Primary Weapon Mods Weapon Skills Armor Skills Primary Weapon Slot Primary Weapon Mod Secondary Weapon Slot Secondary Weapon Mod Primary Weapon slot Primary Weapon mods Secondary Weapon slot Secondary Weapon Mods Void Weapon Mods The following skills are added from the Void weapons mods: Critical: This skill is added to all Void Weapon attacks.

Critical: Increases the chance of critical hits for all Void attacks.

Void Vortex: This weapon skill is a secondary attack skill that deals Void damage over time.

Void Shield: This passive skill adds Void Armor to the weapon, increasing the physical damage reduction and shielding bonus of the Weapon Mod and the Void Shield skill.

Void Bolt: This Passive skill increases the damage dealt by Void Bolt.

Void Armor: This Weapon Mod skill is an upgrade to the Void Shields secondary passive skill.

It increases the shield bonus of all Void Shields.

Void Ward: This Skill Mod is a passive skill that increases the shields bonus to Void Shields and the damage reduction of the primary passive skill Void Ward.

Void Absorb: This skills passive skill is the secondary passive for Void Absorption.

Void Overload: This Skills passive skill reduces the cooldown of Void Overloads primary and secondary passive skills by 2 seconds each.

Void Charge: This primary skill adds an additional stack of Void Charge to your next Void Over load.

Void Blast: This Secondary Skill Mod increases the critical damage of Void Blast by 15% per stack.

Void Orb: This secondary skill adds a Void Orb to your current Void Orb.

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