• August 9, 2021

The next major ship will be bigger than anything in the ocean

A new mega-discovery vessel will be able to sail around the world, the US Navy said Tuesday, and could be built with the latest in technology and technology development.

The USS John S. McCain is the largest ship ever built by the US military.

It is also the only ship in the world that will carry nuclear weapons.

“Today’s Navy, today’s Navy is focused on making the future of America’s Navy as bright as the past.

Today’s John S McCain will represent our Navy as it continues to deliver for our nation,” Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said in a statement.

“This ship will have the best technology, the best capabilities, the most advanced systems and the most capable men and women to meet the needs of our world.”

The McCain is a class 3 guided missile destroyer, but the Navy hopes to eventually add class 5 to the class, the newest iteration of the nuclear-powered destroyer. 

The ship is designed to provide greater flexibility for missions that have not been traditionally carried out by the nuclear missile destroyers that are in service today.

The USS McCain is expected to be commissioned by the Navy on March 26. 

“We are excited about the possibilities for the future with the John S John S,” Mabus added.

“This ship is the epitome of what the Navy means to America and what the American people expect of us.

It represents the best of our Navy.”

The McCain has been in service for nearly 70 years and has carried out missions for the United States since 1946. 

According to the Navy, the USS John McCain will be the biggest ship ever constructed by the U.S. Navy. 

In the future, the ship is expected be able a be able carry out missions that could have previously only been accomplished with nuclear-armed destroyers. 

John S McCain, which is also known as the USS Nimitz, was commissioned in the United Kingdom in 2019.

“The next great ship will bring the best technological innovations and technologies to the fight against the threat of Iran,” Momsaid Adm.

Jonathan Greenert, the chief of naval operations, said in the statement.

The Navy plans to conduct a fleet-wide program of research and development to build and test the ship, which will be capable of operating with a range of sensors, ranging from the electromagnetic and infrared to sonar and sonar-equipped aircraft, according to the statement from Mabus.

The McCain will also be capable to carry nuclear warheads, which are “the most powerful weapons in the history of the world,” according to Pentagon officials. 

When completed in 2023, the new ship is slated to have a displacement of 4,000 tons and carry up to 20 nuclear warheads.

Navy officials said that if all goes according to plan, the John McCain could reach a maximum speed of 8 knots. 

It is also expected that the ship will carry the next generation of high-tech weapons systems and sensors that will improve the mission of the McCain and the Navy’s nuclear-capable ships.

According to Navy officials, the Navy plans on adding more than 1,000 new nuclear-weapons-capability vessels to the fleet over the next five years.

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