• August 5, 2021

When is a vessel sinking?

When a vessel sinks, it can be very dangerous, especially in the case of an emergency, according to experts and a retired navy officer.

The government is expected to decide soon on a plan to deal with the rising number of vessels in the sea.

Experts say there are three categories of vessels that can sink: the hull of an oil tanker, the hull and rigging of a cruise ship, and the hulls of vessels carrying explosives.

An oil tanker is a tank that has been damaged by the collision of an enemy tanker and the tanker itself, which can be a problem for vessels operating in dangerous waters.

A cruise ship is a ship that has had its hull ripped off by an enemy ship and has subsequently been lost or damaged by its own cargo.

The vessel is usually carrying explosives or other contraband, and a lot of ships can be sunk in this situation.

In the worst cases, a vessel can sink because of the crew trying to flee the sinking ship, said Ramesh Shah, an expert in coastal defence and marine safety.

In such cases, the vessel may be destroyed or be sunk by an exploding explosion.

“The ship’s crew is usually not aware that the vessel is sinking.

They are trying to get away from the sinking vessel,” he told Al Jazeera.

“When the ship sinks, the crew has no choice but to go out to escape the sinking boat.

The sinking ship then capsizes and they drown.”

Experts say that even though these ships are not as dangerous as oil tanker ships, they can still be a hazard for the crew.

If a ship capsizes, there is no way to escape from the water, said Shah.

“They are not even able to open the hatch and escape.

There is nothing to save the crew.”

Ships in distress could also be attacked by other vessels.

A cruise ship can be hit by an approaching warship, for example.

A warship can attack a ship from a distance and cause damage, and even when the ship is saved by a rescue ship, the damage to the warship’s hull can cause further damage to other vessels in a chain reaction.

Shah said that the ship could be sunk even if it is not a dangerous vessel.

“A cruise liner is a container ship and can sink,” he said.

“If a cruise liner capsizes in a foreign country, the container ship will be sunk and the vessel will have sunk to its foundation.

A warship could sink a ship, but the war damage could not be repaired or the damage could cause further problems. “

There is no reason why a cruise vessel should sink in the middle of the sea.”

A warship could sink a ship, but the war damage could not be repaired or the damage could cause further problems.

In some cases, it could even sink a warship.

The Indian Navy is also planning to increase the number of ships in the Indian Ocean, and is also looking to increase its fleet in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, according a Defence Ministry statement.

The statement said that this will help strengthen the naval capability of the Indian Navy.

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