• August 5, 2021

‘Easter eggs’ in a rare, rarer book

“You have to make a point of the things that are in the book, which are the things I’m trying to document,” he says.

“If I’m not happy with the story or if I want to do something else, I can just say, ‘No, no, no’.

But that’s what’s so exciting about it.”

For example, it’s not uncommon for authors to choose not to include images of a particular animal in their books.

“I would not write about a fox or a fox-human hybrid,” he explains.

“But I could write about something that’s like, ‘You know, this fox is a hybrid.

That fox is the product of a human and a fox’.” And if that wasn’t enough, authors can choose to include other species.

“The idea is that it’s like a mini-fairy tale,” he adds.

The book’s cover was designed by the same artist who worked on the cover of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. “

We don’t know all the facts in this book, but we do know it’s a good, entertaining book.” 

The book’s cover was designed by the same artist who worked on the cover of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The image is one of a number of images used to illustrate the book.

The cover was created by artist Mike Deodato, who has previously designed the cover for the film Jurassic Park.

It features a number for the four elements of life: air, water, earth and fire.

The water element is associated with life on land, while the air element is a source of power and light.

The four elements are linked in this illustration by the artist Mike deodato.

“What we wanted to do is bring these four elements together and really bring them into one story,” says Jones.

“So the water element, fire element and air element are linked together through their association with fire and the power that’s associated with the water.

So we wanted the image to be really powerful and it’s one of the most iconic images in the world.” 

He explains that, while there is no way to know how much time has passed between the creation of the cover and its publication, he believes it has taken about 20 years to complete.

“It’s not a quick process,” he reveals.

“A lot of people say that it took like 20 years, and I’m like, you’re telling me it’s less than that?

And I’m thinking, you know, I’m really excited.

I feel like it’s been around for 10 years now.” 

A key point in the novel’s success has been the success of the book’s sales.

“Most of the readers, if you want to buy a book, you have to pay for it,” says Deodatos.

“They’re going to get it for free or for a very low price, and that’s not really fair.” 

In order to bring the book to life, Jones has spent a great deal of time on research.

“In order for it to be an effective book, we have to do a lot of research, so we’ve gone through lots of books and we’ve tried lots of different things, so this is what we’ve found out so far,” he concludes.

“One of the best things I’ve learnt is that, if it’s just for me, if I can write a book that’s a lot different to what I’ve written before, then I can do it.

I’ve had a lot more success than I could have ever imagined.” 

If you want more information about the book: Easter Eggs: The Easter Egg Hunt is available for £14.99 (Amazon UK, Kobo, Apple, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Google Play)

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