• August 4, 2021

When India’s Navy ships with GPS devices to track boats

India’s naval fleet has a new technology to track ships and aircraft as part of a program to improve the effectiveness of its fleet’s electronic surveillance and tracking capabilities.

The Navy on Wednesday began using a GPS tracking device aboard ships, a move that has been a long-standing requirement in the country.

The program will use a small radar on the starboard side of the ship to measure distance between the ship and the enemy.

The Navy is also using a small tracker onboard an aircraft carrier to track its flight path and other sensor systems, the navy said in a statement.

The program, dubbed NAVCOMS (Navigation Control and Communications Satellite) Navigation, is the Navy’s newest effort to improve its electronic surveillance capabilities.

The move is part of India’s ongoing efforts to improve maritime security in the wake of the Mumbai attacks.

The navies biggest challenge is its inability to track a large number of ships, the military said in its statement.

“We will soon roll out our first major program in this area, and the navies first step towards improving its electronic security will be with a ship-to-ship track,” the navy’s statement said.

The navies radar will detect the speed and direction of the ships movement, its position, and its speed at different times of the day.

This data will be used to create a detailed map of the movements of ships.

It will also help to identify targets of the enemy, the statement added.

The NavComS program will allow the navys maritime security agencies to track large number and speed of enemy ships and submarines.

It is a significant improvement in naval security and would enable the navis forces to operate more efficiently and to respond more quickly to threats in the sea.

The Naval vessels have been in use since the 1970s, but it is still possible for navies to operate without a ship, a senior naval officer told The Hindu.

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