• July 29, 2021

How does a large tanker from Syria get loaded onto a single tanker from Israel?

On Tuesday, a large cargo tanker was brought from Syria to Israel for delivery to an Israeli shipyard.

It arrived at the Israel-Lebanon border, then headed north along the Jordan River, crossing the Jordan and reaching the Mediterranean Sea.

At the Israeli port of Ashkelon, the tanker was loaded onto the tanker ship, which was then driven by a Jordanian pilot into Israeli waters.

According to the Israeli Navy, the cargo ship was carrying approximately 20,000 tons of crude oil.

But in reality, the oil was only about a tenth of that amount.

In fact, according to Israeli media, the total volume of the oil spilled in the Mediterranean was less than 2 percent of the total oil spilled on July 18, 2016, when a tanker carrying crude oil collided with a ship carrying diesel oil off the coast of Cyprus.

Israel’s maritime authorities have yet to provide any details on the exact amount of oil that was spilled.

However, on Tuesday, the Israeli Coast Guard and Israel Maritime Police said that a tanker that was carrying 5,500 tons of oil was being towed away from the border and headed to the Port of Ashdod, south of the Israeli city of Ashgabat.

The Israeli Maritime Police spokesman, Lt.

Giora Horowitz, told The Jerusalem News Agency that the tanker that arrived at Ashdot was loaded on the tanker, which is operated by the Israeli Oil Corporation.

Horowitz said the oil had been transported by rail from the Syrian port of Latakia to the port of the port in Ashdud.

Horowitz added that the oil that spilled in Cyprus was not part of the tanker.

“We can’t confirm the exact quantity, but the total quantity was less that 4,000,000 liters,” Horowitz said.

The tanker was also carrying some 5,000 kilograms of refined oil, but Israel is not allowed to export the oil.

The oil spilled is the largest such spill in the history of the Mediterranean.

According the International Maritime Bureau, about 30,000 barrels of oil were spilled on the Cyprus coast in 2015 when a massive spill of 1.3 million liters of diesel oil on a ferry carrying a tanker of the Iranian-registered Alborz oil company spilled onto the Greek island of Leros.

The spill prompted the European Union to suspend all oil exports to Greece.

The European Union, however, has not yet implemented sanctions against Iran.

The Iranian Oil Ministry has denied any involvement in the spill.

Israel is the third largest oil exporter in the world, accounting for a third of the world’s oil consumption.

It has about 20,500 active oil wells in the country, including at least 10 on its northern coast.

The IDF has also established oil fields on the eastern seaboard of the country.

The Gaza Strip is controlled by the Islamist militant Hamas movement, which has taken responsibility for the spill, but Hamas officials have not responded to the spill announcement.

“The incident underscores the urgent need for all parties involved in the oil industry to ensure safe transportation of crude and oil products to the coastal waters of Israel,” said the IDF Spokesman’s Unit spokesman, Lieutenant Col. Gadi Eisenkot.

“This incident raises serious concerns about the safety of Israeli tanker operators operating in the Gulf of Aqaba and in the Red Sea.

The international community should be taking all necessary measures to prevent any spills in the future.”

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