• July 26, 2021

‘Dancing with the Stars’ cast members,stars at the hospital

Actress, model and writer Lena Dunham tweeted on Tuesday that she had a ruptured left eye and “some serious” complications from an eye injury.

In a series of tweets, the former “Girls” star described her eye injury that required surgery on Monday, saying she was in the hospital overnight after being treated for “some really bad eye injuries.”

Her post, which she later deleted, included an image of a white, bandaged eye that had been removed from her left eye after a surgery.

She later wrote: “I’m in the ER.

I have some really bad, serious complications from my eye injury.”

Her tweet has since been deleted.

Her injury happened just days after her “Dancing With the Stars” castmates, including fellow cast members Anna Chlumsky and Sarah Hyland, shared their own stories about being hurt in the eye.

In addition to Dunham, the show’s executive producers include “SNL” cast member Zach Galifianakis and host Adam Carolla.

Dunham, who previously starred on “American Idol,” also tweeted about her eye condition on Tuesday, saying: “My eye is a little swollen, but I’m feeling great.”

The tweet came after she tweeted that her eyes were swollen, which may have been a joke.

Dunamp has been vocal about her health in recent months, tweeting that she needed to have a CT scan to see if the damage was from the flu and that she was having “a little tear in my eyelid right now.”

She also said she had lost 30 pounds, which is good news for a person who is usually at her heaviest.

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