• July 22, 2021

The new Kohler Divine is a ship that will make your job easy

It’s a simple vessel, but with a lot of personality. 

The Divine is the newest and most advanced of the new fleet of Navy vessels, and will be deployed to Singapore from the Navy’s Western Naval Base in New Caledonia, on the eastern coast of the New Caly.

The vessel is currently on trials with the Navy and has a speed of 23 knots, making it ideal for sea trials. 

But the new vessel is much bigger and has room for up to 12 officers and up to eight men, and has been designed to withstand a large number of challenges. 

Kohler’s vice president of Fleet Design and Development, Peter Godwin, told TechRadars that the Divine will be a “very reliable” vessel for the Navy.

“The Divine will make the Navy more responsive to our maritime needs,” he said.

“The design is so unique and innovative that we are expecting the ship to be an incredibly useful vessel to us.”

Kohlers design is based on the concept of “double hull”, which allows it to have two main hulls that can be used for different tasks. 

Double hulls can be fitted on ships such as the USS Kidd or the USS Gavi, but in the Divine, the two main halves can be swapped out for a single hull. 

“We will have a new concept of double hull in the future,” Godwin said. 

When the Divine enters service, it will be the third vessel in the Navy fleet to use double hulls, joining the USS Nautilus and the USS John C. Stennis.

“Our next major project will be to replace the ship, and we hope to be able to start in 2019,” Godwal said.

“We are very confident that this new ship will provide great opportunities for our sailors and crews, as well as the Singaporean Navy.” 

The vessel will also be fitted with advanced sensors to detect and identify threats and will have sensors for maritime traffic control and for the detection of submarines. 

Godwin said that the ship will have room for the latest and greatest technologies, including high-tech navigation systems, and advanced weapons. 

With its high speed, Godwin told Techradars that it will have “an enormous potential” for future maritime security. 

In fact, the Navy is looking to buy more Divine ships, as its current fleet is ageing. 

According to Godwin the Divine is designed to operate in the Gulf of Aden, where it will operate in a strategic position against the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, and against Chinese vessels in the South China Sea. 

There have been rumours that the vessel may be retired from service in the US due to safety concerns, but Godwin has confirmed that the Navy has been in talks with the US Navy about replacing it.

“I can confirm that we have been in discussions with the U.S. Navy about a replacement,” he told Techrads.

“We are also talking to the US government and the Australian Government. 

As we move towards the end of the 20th century, there will be an increased need for vessels that are designed to respond to these growing maritime challenges.”

The new Divine will join a fleet of six Navy ships that include the USS Lassen, USS Lighthouses, USS Kidd, and USS Gavins. 

A new vessel to replace these ships is also expected to be commissioned in the coming months, which could be a welcome change for the Royal Australian Navy, which is in the midst of an annual review.

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