• July 18, 2021

‘Weird’ ‘Dream Vessels’ in Texas are a ‘Trojan Horse’

A new type of vessel tracking system could have been used to track a Texas vessel in a case of triple vessel disease.

A team of researchers found that when two vessels were tracked together, it was possible to identify a single vessel from multiple vessels, the Houston Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

The researchers used an artificial intelligence program to analyze data from a single boat that had been tracking two vessels for two weeks, according to the paper, published in the journal Nature Communications.

After analyzing the data, the researchers concluded that the two vessels could be linked by a unique “virtual reality” simulation of a boat that could be seen from the boat’s viewport.

This virtual reality simulator would allow the researchers to see the virtual reality vessel from the same perspective that the user saw the virtual vessel from.

As a result, they could determine the identity of the vessel, which was in the middle of a lake in southern Texas, and it was also possible to track it in real time, the study said.

“If the vessel had been on a lake bed, then there would be a lot of clues that would lead us to it,” Dr. Randal McWilliams, a University of Texas at Austin scientist, said in a statement.

In addition, the virtual simulation could also have identified the boat as a possible target of a drone attack, which is illegal in the state of Texas, McWilliams added.

However, the system could also help researchers determine the location of the suspected drone attack on another vessel, because if the boat were in a different part of the lake, the drone would have a much better chance of striking the boat, McWilliam said. 

According to the study, the “virtual simulation” of the “dream vessel” was a possible reference to a possible plot to blow up a drone boat on the other vessel.

Dr. Michael Schuster, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, said that he thought the method used in the study could help in tracking “dream vessels” more effectively, the Chronicle reported.

“This method is an excellent starting point to track the physical location of an individual vessel in the same way we track the digital images of a vehicle,” Schuster said in an email.

“A dream vessel may be a vessel that is moving in a specific location, or a vessel in real life.”

A similar method was used in a 2015 study by University of Illinois professor John Mihalovic, who also wrote about the study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, which described the technology as a way to track multiple vessels at once, according the Chronicle.

“It’s a really cool tool, but I think it’s really important to have the same tool in place for a lot more types of vessel that are moving around,” Mihapovic said, according a University Press release.

“The only way to do it properly is to have a real-time tracking system, which will allow you to see where the vessel is moving, what it’s doing.” 

Researchers have used similar tracking methods in the past to track boats in the Amazon.

But the researchers said they found that this method could be more effective, since the tracking system was able to identify the boats location.

Scientists from the University at Buffalo in New York have been using a similar method for years, but McWilliams said that it was less accurate than the “Dream Vessel” tracking method, and he said it was not the ideal method. 

“The Dream Vessel method is really more useful to me because I want to see my vessel that I am tracking,” McWilliams told the Chronicle, according that the paper.

“I want to be able to say, ‘Here is what this is.”

While the tracking method was initially developed for the military, it has since found its way into more mainstream applications.

More recently, scientists have used a technique to track drones that can travel at high speeds through the air.

 A video posted by CNN shows the drone tracking system being used by a helicopter to fly over a lake, according Toilong. 

Researchers at the Virginia Tech University were using the same method in their research last year, according The Washington Post.

An image posted by @sallyw_sherman on Jan. 11, 2021 shows the “tracker” on a helicopter being used to locate a “drone.”

Researchers at MIT and the University the University Of Texas at Arlington have also used the technique, according CNN.

For more information on the tracking technique, read The New York Times story about the “drill.”

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