• July 15, 2021

Port of Liverpool to install a new ‘glass vessel sinks’ system for marine life

Liverpool is to install glass vessels sinks for marine mammals and other aquatic life that are intended to help keep them safe from harmful chemicals.

The new system will be put into use in a bid to reduce the number of plastic bottles used on land.

The vessels, which will have a capacity of 12 to 15 litres, will be installed in the Port of Bournemouth, a site where the council has invested in a new marine mammal refuge, and in the harbour area around the city.

They will be equipped with a new filter system which will reduce the amount of plastic entering the bay.

The system is being made possible by the Port’s new partnership with the marine conservation organisation, the Aquatic Conservation Trust.

The project will also improve the way the local community uses its beaches.

The aquariums will be placed on the water surface to encourage swimming and fishing, and will be fitted with cameras, sensors and other measures to prevent them from getting in the way of the marine mammals.

The water will also be kept free of harmful chemicals, such as the plastic used in plastic bottles.

“Our aim is to encourage the use of these water filtration systems,” said Port of Londonderry managing director Richard Lonsdale.

“They will reduce our use of plastic and help prevent the use and contamination of the sea water and our beaches.”

A similar system was installed in Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, but it has been controversial.

In February, Rotterdammers mayor, Maartje Stolte, described it as “a step towards the end of plastic in the sea”.

A spokesperson for the Rotterds city council said the installation of the new systems in the area was “part of the wider plan to support marine life in the city”.

The system will also assist the local fishing community, who have complained of the increased use of harmful plastic and the loss of habitat due to the increasing use of ships.

“The new glass vessels sink system is an important component of our plans to help conserve the marine environment, including our marine mammal sanctuary,” said Lonsdal, the mayor.

The glass vessels are designed to remove the waste and plastic in a plastic bottle before it gets into the sea.

In the United Kingdom, the country’s biggest shipping company, shipbuilder and container company container, container, shipping, and warehousing group, Veolia, announced last year that it was setting up a new plastic bottle recycling business in the UK.

In January, a government-backed plan to make it easier to recycle plastic bottles from ships was scrapped after environmental campaigners said the process was not effective.

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