• July 13, 2021

An investigation into an Ontario wood vessel sinks at the wrong time

A wooden vessel has been discovered to be sinking at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, CBC News has learned.

A team of oceanographers has determined that the wooden vessel that has been sinking for the past several days in the Atlantic is a wood vessel, said marine biologist John Daley.

He said the team will be looking at a possible cause for the vessel’s unusual condition.

The vessel was discovered on Monday night by an Oceanographic Consultant at a port in Port St. John, Newfoundland.

Daley said the vessel appears to be “extremely fragile.”

He said that because of the way the wood was stored, it could be unstable and may have come from an accident.

“The wood is not very well packed.

There is a lot of moisture in it and the water is getting into the wood.

So you have some sort of instability that could be responsible for the situation,” Daley told CBC News.

The wood vessel is located at a depth of 10 metres, and Daley estimated that it could sink at least 10 metres.

“I’m a big believer that this could be an old, very old vessel that was lost, maybe a few hundred years old,” Dales said.

The boat is believed to have been on its way from Quebec to Canada when it was found by a group of researchers.

“It’s a very old boat, and it’s probably been on the water for a long time,” said Daley, who is an expert on shipwrecks.

Dickson said that the wood vessel had been in the ocean for about three months, but was recently found by an underwater survey team.

Dameron said that it was the first time that the team had seen the wood boat in its current state.

“They found a vessel that is obviously not well packed,” he said.

“There are many holes in it, there are many things that could have happened in the process of loading the vessel and then releasing it.”

Daley believes that the Wood Vessel sank due to water damage and that it may be leaking.

Dacey said that if there is no sign of the vessel, it is likely that it has already sunk.

“In my opinion, if it is not going to be found, it will likely be gone for good,” he told CBC.

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