• July 5, 2021

When is a vessel a vessel?

article The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting an investigation into an incident involving a sailing vessel on the East Coast that caused an alarm to go off in the crew cabin of a vessel, according to Coast Guard spokeswoman Kelly Ewing.

The Coast Guard said the Coast Guard has requested the Coast Prosecution Service to investigate.

A spokesperson for the Coast Protection Agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the incident.

The vessel was sailing from the Virginia-North Carolina-North Dakota border to Norfolk, Virginia, at the time of the incident, according the Coastguard.

According to the Coast Guards’ official website, the vessel was on a training exercise when it encountered an obstacle on the way to the Norfolk, Va., port.

The U-shaped hull of the vessel “was damaged and the crew had to make an emergency landing to get to shore,” according to the website.

It said the vessel’s crew did not suffer any injuries.

Ewing said the incident was not considered a major incident, but the Coastguards’ Coast Protection Bureau has requested a criminal investigation into the incident and a civil investigation to determine whether the crew breached a federal law.

The Maritime Safety Act prohibits vessels from entering ports or interfering with ports or harbors.

The law states that the CoastGuard must notify the U.s.

Coastguard and Coast Protection when a vessel enters a port, but does not require that they provide an explanation.

In addition to the vessel that caused the alarm, the Coast guard is also investigating a number of other incidents involving vessels.

Ewings said there have been at least five other incidents that resulted in collisions with harbors and ports, including a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico that was forced to make a stop in Houston after it ran out of fuel.

“These are incidents that have led to accidents, but they’re not necessarily criminal incidents,” she said.

Eying said the U-shape hull of a sailing ship can cause structural damage when it runs into a wall, which is why the Coast Protectors is not always able to immediately determine if there are structural damage issues.

Ellington said she believes the Coastprotectors should be able to determine the hull integrity and then determine if the ship is a dangerous vessel.

She also said the vessels are not the only ones to have had issues with hull integrity issues.

In August, a vessel carrying about 180 passengers ran aground off the coast of the U towing the Uintas, N.C., flag.

The North Carolina-based vessel collided with the U of North Carolina and a tugboat, but no one was injured.

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