• June 20, 2021

How to get your lifeboat to sink

A few months ago, we wrote about how a new system that allows vessels to be designed for water pressure, rather than the usual fixed height, would improve the efficiency of lifeboats in the coming decades.

Now, the U.S. Navy has just unveiled a new watertight lifeboat design, the Sink Cabinet, which is a much-loved design from a Navy veteran named Greg Withers.

This new lifeboat is made with a unique design that allows it to withstand the pressures of high seas, including saltwater, in order to be able to sink.

In fact, the system allows the lifeboat designer to create a boat that can be lowered into the water for a quick and safe sink.

“The Sink Cabinets are designed to withstand both low and high water pressure,” a Navy spokesperson told Ars.

“This is a system that can withstand the pressure of a large volume of water.

The pressure of saltwater on the outside of the vessel allows the system to be lower than a typical lifeboat and still remain seaworthy.”

Wither, who has been a lifeboat engineer for more than 30 years, started his career as an engineer in the Army before retiring in 2012 to become a naval engineer.

“I love the challenge,” he told Ars by phone from his home in Florida.

“You have to be the master of your craft.

You can’t be the boat that doesn’t do the job.

You have to keep the boat going.

So, it’s not about what is good for you, it is about how do I do it right.” “

And you have to know what you’re doing and what the best way is to do it.

So, it’s not about what is good for you, it is about how do I do it right.”

This system allows lifeboat designers to make a boat with the lowest pressure possible, and also the least amount of weight, and a system to keep a boat from tipping over and becoming a floating mess.

Wither explained that his new system has two main advantages.

“One is you don’t have to build the lifeboats with a standard hull to be safe,” he said.

“So, if the life-support system isn’t there, the boat doesn’t float.

And the second is you can keep the boats at a high pressure that is not normally associated with lifeboats.

You don’t want a boat to float too low or too high.”

This is important because, as the Navy noted in a press release, a boat can lose its buoyancy and sink if it’s exposed to a high amount of pressure.

The lifeboat system is also “designed to be lighter than a traditional lifeboat,” the Navy said.

A lifeboat’s hull is comprised of four separate pieces that connect to the hull’s main deck, which contains the main body of the boat.

Each of these pieces has its own weight rating, and each of them also has its unique shape.

“They’re designed to have two sides, so you can’t just put the boat up on the side and float the whole boat,” Wither said.

Each side of the life boat is then made up of two separate, separate hulls.

The first hull, known as the forward hull, is called the aft hull.

This is the “head” of the hull.

The aft hull is made up mostly of wood, and is made of a combination of the composite materials.

This creates a boat which is more stable and more buoyant than a conventional lifeboat.

“If you look at the shape of the aft Hull, you can see that it’s got a bit of a flanged-looking shape,” Wether said.

The second hull, called the port hull, or the stern hull, also has a flange and is built up mostly from wood.

This provides a boat’s main bulkhead, or bulkhead.

The stern hull is the hull between the port and forward hull.

“That’s what’s called the stern.

This isn’t just a big bulkhead,” Wulfs explained.

The forward hull also has an extra deck for the engine room, a lower area for fuel tanks, and an area to house the life buoy, which was developed to protect the life of the ship during rough weather.

The port hull is called a starboard hull, and it is also made of wood.

The starboard Hull is made from a combination that is called an outer hull and an inner hull, both of which are made of polystyrene.

The inner hull is then sandwiched between two polystyrenes.

“When you put the polystyric stuff on, it basically creates a shell,” Wirth said.

This shell protects the hull against water.

As the life rafts are put together, the outer hull, the port, and the starboard are put in a way that is designed to allow water to drain out.

“It’s really the same as a watertight seal,” Wathers explained, “you’re putting the poly Styrene on top of the seal, so water

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