• June 17, 2021

How to Make Your Own Amazon Kindle Voyage Vessel

What if you want to make your own Amazon Kindle vessel? 

For those that don’t have the time to do it themselves, here’s a few ideas:1. 

A small, inexpensive e-ink vessel. 

This is pretty easy, you just need a paper clip and a few thin strips of plastic. 

If you’re using a Kindle Voyages e-reader you can just use the cover of your e-book.2. 

The Voyage Booklet. 

Amazon’s Amazon Voyage website has a few easy to make vessels to get started with. 

Just fill in the blank “voyage” box at the bottom of the page, and then click “create.” 

It will then ask you for your model and details about it. 

You can see a photo of the first one in the gallery below. 


Another inexpensive vessel, this one from Etsy seller Trevor Schlager. 

It’s called the Voyage Bookcase, and it’s a very basic vessel that you can use to hold the Kindle in its original state. 

Schlotz makes a few other boats and books that look very similar, including this one. 


Truly small vessel with a lot of room for books, and the ability to carry more books. 

I bought this bookcase to be used as a bookcase for my wife, and I’ve been using it to store books in my car. 


An e-paper bookcase that I wonderfully borrowed from a local bookshop, which is a perfect way to hold books while not putting them in your car.

It looks like it will be perfect for storing books and magazines while traveling. 


There are plenty of books and other media that will fit in this book case. 


Or you can buy a cheap, cheap toy for your little one to play with.

I bought a small toy called a Pinky Poyo, and since I have it in the backseat of my car I just keep it in a pocket on the back of my videotape. 


Want to make a larger vessel to hold more books? 

There’s a ton of different kinds of bookcases out there, and here’s my list of books that I’d use for this purpose. 


These are pretty small, and a good starting point for this kind of vessel, but you can add any number of different things to it.

A bookbag, a book, a game board, even a ball or dollhouse. 


For a little extra flair, you can try something a little different with the inside of the vessel.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:1.) 

Create a custom papercraft image. 

Paint a papercraft image of your own image of what you want your vessel to look like. 


Make the cover. 

Cut out a custom cover that you like, or buy one online. 


Draw a circle on the surface of the surface with a marker. 

Add a few lines to the edges, as shown in the photo below.4.) 

Use a ruler to make an indentation. 

Measure out a circle around the indentation, as seen in the image below.5.) 

Place the cover onto the vessel, and fill in the hole with a pencil.6.) 

Pour a layer of wax into the hole. 

Use the wax to seal the cover to the vessel (this is a bit tricky to do because you’ll want to be sure to fill in every small hole).7.) 

You’ll need a headband or earplug to fit around the top of the lid. 

How to Build Your Own Amazon Kindle Voyager

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